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Year 6

YEAR 6!!!

Term 6

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (part 2!)

Firstly, I must congratulate the Year 6 on their mature, calm and dedicated approach to SATs at the end of last term and thank parents for all their support at what could have been a stressful time. Also, thank you so much for attending the children’s pop-up café; they had a brilliant time making cakes and planning the event. Lots of real-life learning J

So, we have reached your child’s final term in Primary school and what a busy term it will be!

To begin with, we will be building two electric go-karts and then designing and making the exteriors. During the process, the children will be keeping a diary, writing explanations, measuring, solving real-life maths problems, following complicated instructions and interpreting diagrams, designing, photographing and manipulating digital images, all with the outcome of producing portfolios of their build process as the exterior of each car. We will then take the cars down to Newquay Airport, where they will race against similar cars built by other schools in the South West.

Alongside the car, we will be casting and beginning to rehearse our play for the Playhouse Festival, which will be held in The Drum Theatre, Theatre Royal Plymouth. This is a fantastic opportunity for your child to perform or be involved in a real theatre production and experience the buzz of performing to a large audience. You will have the opportunity to purchase tickets a bit nearer the time.

In addition to these two major projects, the children will be learning about the art of L.S. Lowry, listening to music inspired by him and imitating his art but basing it on our local area.

In PE, we will begin with practising for sports Day but then swiftly move on to choreographing a new ‘Wake and Shake’ dance, that they will be responsible for teaching to the whole school before they leave. This has become a bit of a Year 6 tradition, and is a lovely way of them leaving a legacy for the younger children to enjoy.

Important Dates for Your Diary:

Wednesday 20th June: Car Racing at Newquay Airport – places will be available for you to purchase on the coach – letter coming out very soon! Advance warning – this is a very early start as we leave at about 7:15am

Thursday 21st June – Junior Life Skills trip for the morning – an excellent learning experience about how to keep safe, especially aimed at Year 6 children across the city

Friday 22nd June – Whole School Art Extravaganza in the afternoon

Tuesday 26th June – Sports Day including family picnic

Friday 13th July - Playhouse Performance in The Drum, Theatre Royal Plymouth 7pm

Friday 20th July (time tbc) – Special Leavers’ Assembly (this is new this year so there will not be a Leavers’ section during Prize Giving)


Term 5

Term 5 - A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Year 6 have another exciting term ahead of them! With their SATs just around the corner, there will be lots of opportunities for revision and preparation for their week of tests. However, there is more to life than tests and we will still be squeezing in some fun learning too.

English - Our learning will all be based around the wonderful illustrated book, ‘The Arrival’ by Shaun Tan, which explores the challenges around immigration. We will be; doing drama; writing in role as different characters; writing conversations to practise correctly punctuating speech; writing setting descriptions for different purposes (including as a travel brochure); writing a guide to becoming an immigrant in the fictional world of the book.

In the final week of term, we will begin doing drama activities linked to our Playhouse play.

Maths - Although we will mainly be doing revision this term, we will also be learning about the order in which to carry out operations, using the acronym, BIDMAS to help us. It is our Peapod sale in the last week, so we will be doing lots of real-life calculations to plan the potential profit and costings associated with the product that the children choose to make.

Linked to art and music, we will; use words to create images from The Arrival; imitate the drawing style of Shaun Tan to copy portraits of the characters from his book; listen to a soundtrack to accompany The Arrival and think about how music can influence our ideas of meaning.

SATs Week Monday 14th May – Thursday 17th May with a special Year 6 free Breakfast Club each day from 8:15am

It is ESSENTIAL that your child is in school this week

Monday – Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Tests

Tuesday – Reading Test

Wednesday – Arithmetic Paper and Mathematical Reasoning 1

Thursday – Mathematical Reasoning 2


Other Dates for Your Diary:

Wednesday 20th June: Car Racing at Newquay Airport – places will be available for you to purchase on the coach. Advance warning – this is a very early start as we leave at about 7:15am

Tuesday 26th June – Sports Day including family picnic

TBC in the week of 9th July - Playhouse Performance in The Drum, Theatre Royal Plymouth

Friday 20th July – Special Leavers’ Assembly (this is new this year – no leavers during prize-giving)


Term 4


Year 6 will be extremely busy again this term with all their learning based around mythical creatures.


-      poetry analysis and performance of Pie Corbett’s brilliant poem, ‘ From its Fetid Lair’ and then writing their own poems about a mythical creature

-      writing letters to a local care home inviting them to attend our school Art Exhibition

-      reading and then writing non-chronological reports about the mythical creature that they will have designed in art

-      We will be watching a short animation and then doing debates and writing balanced arguments linked to the dilemma that the main character finds himself in.

-      We will be reading a range of myths as well as a variety of non-fiction texts about mythical creatures


-      multiplying and dividing fractions

-      using formulae to solve problems linked with the Pea Pod

-      Lots of money-based problem-solving linked to the Pea Pod (+/-/x/÷)

-      Algebra

-      ratio and proportion and further learning about percentages

-      Using a range of mathematical skills to devise their own Dragon Training Arena

Other Project Learning

We will be drawing Smaug the dragon’s eye by learning to shade and create light and shadow, vary texture and pattern to create a 3D effect. We will be listening and responding to a famous piece of music, ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ by Grieg and then later in the term, we will be learning to compose our own music to accompany a film clip, thinking about how to create tension for the viewer. We will be recording our ideas using our own notation. In science we will be thinking about how both real and mythical creatures have adapted to their environment and learning about how animals and plants are classified.

Trips and events to look forward to:

Friday 2nd March – Theatre Workshop with ‘About Face’ theatre group

Friday 9th March – Year 6 Peapod sale and mid-year reports out to parents

Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th March – Year 6 Parents’ Evening

Friday 23rd March – Red Nose Day


SATs – 14th – 17th May

SATs are fast approaching and we will be gradually introducing your child/ren to what the tests will be like. Homework will begin to be more oriented towards revision of key skills that they will need to apply in the tests.

I will be sending home a list of the key Year 6 spellings that we have been working on in class all year. If you are able to help your child do some extra practise of these words, it would be greatly appreciated. Knowing their times tables and related division facts inside out is the best preparation your child can do for the maths papers as many of the questions will be easier if they don’t have to laboriously waste time working out the times table facts first. All the children have logins for Times Tables Rock Stars, which they can practise at home.

Term 3

Japan – Land of the Rising Sun

Happy New Year!

A busy term awaits with our new topic all about Japan.


We will be writing Haiku poems about cherry blossom to accompany the children’s paintings of this traditional Japanese tree.

Inspired by traditional Japanese stories, the children will be writing their own version of a Tengu story (the Tengu is a Japanese goblin), that they will be sharing with the Year 2 class whose topic is all about traditional stories. We will be making books to write our stories in, using the traditional Japanese art of ‘stab binding’; it sounds painful but it is in fact a method for binding a book using thread. To make the covers of the book, we will be marbling paper – another traditional Japanese art form.

Towards the end of the term, we will be drawing all our knowledge together to write persuasive travel brochures about Japan.


Linked to Japan, we will be using negative numbers in context when looking at the climate of the country, designing layouts for Japanese homes by measuring angles and lines to draw specific sized shapes and we will be interpreting and representing data about Japan on pie charts and line graphs.

Other maths skills/knowledge will include; 2D and 3D shapes and their properties; angles (including finding missing angles within a variety of shapes); translating and rotating shapes on the 4 quadrants; finding the perimeter and area of a variety of shapes.

Other Curriculum Areas

Each week, the children will be finding out about how life in Japan compares to life in the UK by investigating aspects such as school, food, homes and culture. This knowledge will feed into the Power Points they will create in Computing, when they will learn to include sound, internet links and time their slides in order to create an engaging presentation.

In P.E. on Fridays, we will be improving our skipping skills (a massively popular sport in Japan), looking at a variety of skipping styles, skipping to music and collaborating to do group and whole class skipping.

Map skills will be very important this term, including identifying countries around the world, learning the different names for important lines of latitude and longitude as well as learning to interpret 6-figure grid-references. Phew! What a lot to look forward to…

Trips and events to look forward to:

-      Year 6’s class assembly – Friday 26th January

-      Trip to Wagamama in the Royal William Yard for Japanese cooking lessons – Wednesday 7th February

Term 2 

Invention, Innovation, Imagination – The 3 ‘I’s

Thank you for all your support at Year 6’s Stone Age afternoon –they had a fantastic time putting the event together and learnt lots in the process.

Year 6 will once again be very busy this term with a topic all about Inventions and the Victorians.  They will be predominantly writing non-fiction texts such as instructions for making a machine, explanations of how things work and a newspaper report about an important invention in Victorian times.

It will also be a very science-based term of learning linked to famous inventions; they will learn about light, shadows and how the eye works when we find out about the first photographs and make the Victorian invention of periscopes to test the theory that light travels in straight lines; they will investigate how we hear sound when learning about the first telephone call; forces will be covered when learning about different bridges and making them using spaghetti and forces will also be touched on when they learn about the 6 simple machines when designing their own simple machines to pop a balloon. Their Computing key skill of making a movie will be covered when making a stop-frame animation of Isambard Kingdom Brunel building a bridge (Lego people will be very useful for this!) Art and DT will include silhouette portraits in the Victorian style, drawings of the Royal Albert Bridge (over the Tamar) using perspective, designing and building a machine that pops a balloon, designing William Morris-inspired patterns of nature that they will turn into Christmas wrapping paper and cards by using printing.

Maths will be about fractions, decimals and percentages and some real-life learning about Florence Nightingale’s contribution to statistics with the invention of pie charts and other info-graphics.

Trips and events to look forward to:

  • Friday 10th November – Remembrance service at Alexandra Park
  • Week Beginning 13th November – Parent/Teacher meetings. Please contact the office to make an appointment to see me.
  • Friday 17th November – Children In Need
  • Thursday 23rd November – Road Safety, ‘Be Bright, Be Seen’ Day – come dressed as brightly as possible
  • Monday 4th December – Theatre Alibi performance for the whole school
  • Wednesday 13th December – Christmas Fair after school
  • Friday 15th December - Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carol Service at St Andrew’s Church, Royal Parade. Year 6 and Choir will be performing in the afternoon
  • Friday 15th December – Christmas Jumper Day
  • We are hoping to book a trip to Morwellham to learn more about the Victorian Era – details to follow


Our 'Balloon Blaster' challenge


Term 1

Welcome back to a new school year and a new term!

Horrible Histories

Year 6 will be very busy this term learning about the Stone Age and comparing it with the Iron Age. All of our English and much of our other learning will be based around Michelle Paver’s brilliant novel, ‘Wolf Brother’ which is set during the Stone Age. Our whole topic will be working towards creating a Horrible Histories event for family and friends to enjoy near the end of term. As the children will be deciding on the format and planning the event themselves, there is little to be said about it at this point. Watch this space!  

In maths learning linked to ‘Wolf Brother’ and/or the Stone Age, we will be learning about co-ordinates in the 4 quadrants when mapping the main character’s journey, radius, diameter and circumference of a circle when learning about Stonehenge and other stone circles, volume and use of the formula to find the volume of cuboid stones, ratio and proportion in Iron Age recipes and when planning their Pea Pod product. Other maths will include a focus on the key skills of long multiplication and long division and problem-solving using these skills. English will include writing their own story inspired by ‘Wolf Brother’, guides for ‘How to Survive the Stone Age’ and persuasive letters about their Horrible Histories event. In science we will be learning about fossils, the circulatory system and healthy diet and cooking. Computing will mainly be about coding this term as the children learn how to make a game linked to ‘Wolf Brother’ which will hopefully be available for you to play at the ‘event’! Art and DT will include drawings of characters from the story, paintings of Stonehenge and making models of Stone Age and Iron Age dwellings. Finally, we will be composing music to accompany an extract from ‘Wolf Brother’, learning about standard music notation and creating our own.

Trips and events to look forward to:

  • We are hoping to attend a forest school to learn more about survival techniques in the Stone Age – more details soon
  • Wednesday 13th September is Roald Dahl’s birthday and Dress-Up day
  • Sponsored Reading Week begins on 18th September
  • National Poetry Day (Thursday 28th September) will be a great opportunity for us to read and write poems inspired by the theme of Freedom.
  • Usborne Book Fair – 2nd October
  • Year 6 will be taking over the Peapod in the week beginning 9th October.  
  • Harvest Assembly – 19th October
  • Horrible Histories Event to be decided by the class – more details as soon as I know more!


Download Term 4 YR6 Maths targets.pdf

Download Term 4 YR6 Reading targets .pdf

Download Term 4 YR6 Writing targets .pdf

Download Year 6 Term 3 Layered Targets.pdf

Download Maths Targets Term 2.pdf

Download Reading Targets Term 2.pdf

Download WritingTargets Term 2.pdf

Download Year 6 Layered Targets Term 1 2017-18.pdf