Mrs Carina Francis

Year 6 Class Teacher & Deputy Headteacher

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Year 6

YEAR 6!!!

Planet SOS!

Welcome to a new (and hopefully) exciting new year. The children have chosen to learn about endangered animals, which will be very interesting. We always welcome parents to come and share in our learning, so if you find yourself interested in what we are doing or are able to help on a trip, please let me know.

The whole term will revolve around the different effects that humans are having on the planet and how these are causing many of our amazing animals to become endangered, critically endangered or even extinct. We will focus on: loss of animal habitat due to farming etc, poaching and illegal wildlife trade, global warming/climate change and finally pollution. 


Leaflets explaining bio-diversity and how all of nature is inter-connected

Letters to Mr Twit on Roald Dahl Day, persuading him to release the monkey family

Non-chronological reports about a specific endangered creature

Persuasive letters about an aspect of endangered animals that they feel most passionate about

Poems about an endangered animal for National Poetry Day

Leaflets about the importance of bees for Harvest Festival


Revision of addition and subtraction skills from Y5

Place value of large numbers up to the 10 millions, negative numbers, rounding of numbers (including decimals)

Short and long multiplication

Short and long division

Problem-solving using the 4 operations (+/-/x/÷)  

Measures – calculating with a range of measures with problems linked to polar bears

Other Curriculum Areas

Science – classification of plants and animals, how fossils can teach us about animals in the past and how they have evolved, adaption of animals to their environment – specifically the snow leopard

Geography and History – cause and effect linked to the effect of human activity and the inter-related cause of endangerment on animal species

Art – learning a range of skills, including observational drawing, use of oil pastels and plastic in a mixed media purposeful picture to raise awareness of plastic pollution, infographic pictures giving statistics about rhino poaching

Music – we are lucky to be joined by an ICT music expert this term, who will be teaching the children how to make music digitally with the outcome of a performance in December (more information to follow)

PE – gymnastics

Computing – digital outcomes in music; efficient, safe research on the internet

Values Education – September = Courage   We will be thinking about the ways we can show courage at school and at home.   October = appreciation   We will be discussing what kinds of things we can appreciate and how we could/should show our appreciation.  Please discuss these values with your child to help them grow as a person.

Dates for your diary:

  • Roald Dahl Day – Thursday 13th September
  • Thursday 4th October – National Poetry Day
  • Thursday 18th October – Harvest Assembly

Our School Priorities for Learning

This term, in Y6, we will focus on:

  • Spelling words with silent letters
  • Using semi-colons and colons to separate main clauses
  • Problem-solving in maths using +/-/x/÷