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Year 6

YEAR 6!!!

Term 1

Welcome back to a new school year and a new term!

Horrible Histories

Year 6 will be very busy this term learning about the Stone Age and comparing it with the Iron Age. All of our English and much of our other learning will be based around Michelle Paver’s brilliant novel, ‘Wolf Brother’ which is set during the Stone Age. Our whole topic will be working towards creating a Horrible Histories event for family and friends to enjoy near the end of term. As the children will be deciding on the format and planning the event themselves, there is little to be said about it at this point. Watch this space!  

In maths learning linked to ‘Wolf Brother’ and/or the Stone Age, we will be learning about co-ordinates in the 4 quadrants when mapping the main character’s journey, radius, diameter and circumference of a circle when learning about Stonehenge and other stone circles, volume and use of the formula to find the volume of cuboid stones, ratio and proportion in Iron Age recipes and when planning their Pea Pod product. Other maths will include a focus on the key skills of long multiplication and long division and problem-solving using these skills. English will include writing their own story inspired by ‘Wolf Brother’, guides for ‘How to Survive the Stone Age’ and persuasive letters about their Horrible Histories event. In science we will be learning about fossils, the circulatory system and healthy diet and cooking. Computing will mainly be about coding this term as the children learn how to make a game linked to ‘Wolf Brother’ which will hopefully be available for you to play at the ‘event’! Art and DT will include drawings of characters from the story, paintings of Stonehenge and making models of Stone Age and Iron Age dwellings. Finally, we will be composing music to accompany an extract from ‘Wolf Brother’, learning about standard music notation and creating our own.

Trips and events to look forward to:

  • We are hoping to attend a forest school to learn more about survival techniques in the Stone Age – more details soon
  • Wednesday 13th September is Roald Dahl’s birthday and Dress-Up day
  • Sponsored Reading Week begins on 18th September
  • National Poetry Day (Thursday 28th September) will be a great opportunity for us to read and write poems inspired by the theme of Freedom.
  • Usborne Book Fair – 2nd October
  • Year 6 will be taking over the Peapod in the week beginning 9th October.  
  • Harvest Assembly – 19th October
  • Horrible Histories Event to be decided by the class – more details as soon as I know more!



Download Year 6 Layered Targets Term 1 2017-18.pdf