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Reception Class


Term 6 

Our topic title this term is ‘Our Favourite stories’.  We will be reading lots of stories, but focusing on the children’s favourite ones which they voted for; The Hungry Caterpillar, The Smartest Giant in Town, Room on the Broom and Aliens Love Underpants.

We are hoping to organise local walks, one of which being to the local library where children can get a library card and be told about the summer reading challenge.

We also have sports week this term and the school is hoping to organise visits from various sporting backgrounds to inspire the children.  You will be invited to come and support your children on Sports Day which will be on Tuesday 27th June (reserve Friday 30th June).  Your child can wear their ‘team’ colours on Sports Day so we will let you know what team they are in shortly.    

Morning Routines

Children are to continue to line up in the playground. Mrs Hendrick will come to collect children for guided reading.


As always, we will be reading a wide range of fiction books at story time and through guided reading sessions. We also have a trip to the library planned where children will be helping to find books for our topic and being given a library card to use.

If you have any books that you think would link nicely with our topic then please bring them in.

 PE Kits 

We will be practising for sports day so please send PE Kits in to school so the children can get themselves changed.  Please help your child to be ready for this by encouraging them to change at home independently.  We also ask that all school clothes, PE Kits, shoes and plimsolls are clearly marked with your child’s names.

1. White polo shirt, Shorts or track suit bottoms for colder weather and plimsolls/Trainers.                                                            

Additional Notices

 During the hot weather we would prefer you to apply sun cream to your child before school; however, if you feel the need for them to reapply this during school please ensure sun cream is labeled and stored in a plastic bag, away from their books, so children can apply it themselves.  They must also know not to share their sun cream in case other children have allergies.  Please feel free to send your child to school with a sun hat. 


Term 5 - Transport and Animals

Our topic this term is ‘Transport and Animals’.  We will be reading both fiction and nonfiction books about journeys, places (and the animals found there), travelling by car, boat, bikes and air including areophane’s and hot air balloons. If you go anywhere, during the Easter Holidays please take photos, draw pictures and write about how you got there, what you saw and what you did so that the children can share their experiences with others.

Morning Routines

From Wednesday 19th April we will be requesting that your child lines up in the main playground. We have been practicing this during morning break and your child should know where to line up.  An adult will be outside for you to speak with if you need to discuss anything routinely. Now that the construction work has finished on the KEEP, from term 5 we will be using the white door opposite (next to the climbing wall) to send the children home to you. Please wait here at 3:10 when the gates are opened. Thank you.


Our author of the term is John Burningham, we will be reading lots of fiction books such as ‘Oi Get Off My Train’. We will used these as starting points to help us write captions and lists of things to take on a journey.  We will also be reading non-fiction books to help us learn about transport.

As all the children are now bringing home reading books it is vital that you listen to them read at least three times a week and share with them their library books as often as possible.  Please remind children or tell a member of the team when your child’s book needs changing.

 As part of our handwriting the children have been taught how to write all of the letters in the alphabet, however many of them still need practise at forming these correctly.  Leaving pens and paper around the house is always a good idea to encourage children’s writing.  If you would like another copy of our handwriting sheet then please let us know.

 We continue to learn new phonemes all the time, but we are also practicing learning the letter names. 


Our writing targets this term are to be able to write, labels captions and sentences. Also ensuring that letters have been formed correctly.

Our reading targets this term are to be able to retell parts of a book or story in order.


Our numeracy targets involve comparing and ordering items by height, length, weight and capacity. Please ensure that you use the correct vocabulary; taller, shorter, longer, heavier, lighter, full, empty, half full.


PE Kits 

In addition to all of this we will be: Plotting our journeys to school on a map.  Playing with water and experimenting with floating and sinking.  Bringing our bikes into school to help us learn how to ride them safely.  Drawing hot air balloons and making types of transport from junk modelling. 


White T shirt or polo shirt                                             

Black Shorts or track suit bottoms for colder weather                                


Term 4 ‘Paw Patrol and People Who help us’ 

Overview of the topic 

This term the children have chosen to use the cartoon program ‘Paw Patrol’ as inspiration for our topic.  We will be linking this to look at ‘people who help us’. First, we have been looking at each of the characters, what their roles are and what they are good at. This will link into our PSED topic which is ‘Good to be me’ where we will be asking the children to think about what they are good at and what their friends are good at.

We will be reading stories and non-fiction books about the people who help us at school, within the local area and where help comes from in Plymouth.

So far, we are trying to organise visits from… caretaker, lollipop man, school cook, school office staff, school governor, a dentist, nurse, police officer, fire fighter and water rescue.

If you know of anyone else who would like to visit the class, tell us about their job and be interviewed by the children then please speak to a member of the team. 


We will be reading a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books, again reinforcing the differences and how each can be useful or entertaining for different reasons. 

As all children are now bringing home reading books it is vital that you listen to them read at least three times a week and share with them their library books as often as possible.  Foundation are doing ok in the reading challenge (where we compete against the rest of the school), but as of yet we have not won a week. So please could we encourage a real push to support the children with their enjoyment of reading at home. Prizes will be given to the winning classes. (I want this to be YF so please get reading!)  

We have introduced a new group for guided reading so please look to see when your child’s Guided reading days and times are on the reverse of this letter. We change groups to suit the needs and progress of the children, so this may be subject to change. But, we will keep you updated J All parents will be invited at some point throughout the year. Please note that this is not compulsory.


Monday    8:35-9:00

Snakes -

Monday    9:00-9:25

Squirrels -

Tuesday    8:35-9:00

Tigers –

Wednesday   8:35-9:00

Lions –

Thursday    8:35-9:00

Whales- Parents invited to join in

Friday    8:35-9:00

Frogs- Parents invited to join in

Just a reminder that all foundation children are expected to be in class before 8:45 latest.


We will be continuing to focus on counting reliably using one to one correspondence.  Most of the children can now recognise and write numerals to 10 and we are extending this to 20.  If your child is totally secure with these numbers you could help them with numbers to 100.  Playing games such as Snakes and Ladders is a fun way to do this. 

 All targets can be found on our websitewww.collegeroadschool.co.uk.

Reports and parents evening. 

Reports will be coming out this term and it would be great to see as many of you as possible for parents evening. Please make appointments at the office. I look forward to talking to you about your children and the progress they are making.

Term 3 ‘Our Frozen World’ 

Overview of the topic

This term the children have chosen to use the Disney film ‘Frozen’ as inspiration for our topic. We will be looking at characters and setting and talking about what we can learn from the story.We will also be reading stories and non-fiction books about the polar setting as well as the people and animals that live there.In addition to the ‘Frozen’ story, the class will become more familiar with changes in the seasons, specifically winter.

Other highlights include…

* Learning how to write character descriptions in the form of sentences, labels and captions.

* Retelling the story in a variety of ways; by playing in our Frozen castle role play, using small world props and by using stick puppets that the children will make.

* Local woodland walk and then creating our own winter pictures.

* Looking at maps to find the UK, North Pole and South Pole.

* Various science experiments involving ice and learning how animals stay warm in cold conditions.

* Make their own snow globe using recycled materials. (We will be asking children to bring in jam jars for this project.)

*Celebrating Chinese New Year 


We will be reading a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books, explaining to the children that we get real information from non-fiction books, whilst fiction books have made up stories. When looking at non-fiction books we will be discussing how the pictures (usually photos or diagrams) give us information too. As well as this we will be looking at the features of non-fiction books such as the title, contents page and index.As most children are now bringing home reading books it is vital that you listen to them read at least three times a week and share with them their library books as often as possible.  This term the whole school are having a reading competition. We will be recording how many times the children read at home in a week. This will then create a class total, the class with the largest number has read the most time and will be the winner for that week. Prizes will be given to the winning classes. (I want this to be YF so please get reading J) Guided reading days and times this term are below. We change groups to suit the needs and progress of the children, so this may be subject to change. But we will keep you updated J All parents will be invited at some point throughout the year.


Monday    8:35-9:00


Tuesday    8:35-9:00

Tigers – Parents invited to join in

Wednesday   8:35-9:00

Lions – Parents invited to join in

Thursday    8:35-9:00


Friday    8:35-9:00



We will be continuing to focus on counting reliably using one to one correspondence.  Most of the children can now recognise and write numerals to 10 and we are extending this to 20.  If your child is totally secure with these numbers you could help them with numbers to 100.  Playing games such as Snakes and Ladders is a fun way to do this.                             

We will also begin to talk about time, using key words such as minutes, seconds and hours; we will talk about different times of day such as morning, afternoon and evening. As well as talking about things in time sequence using words such as, first, then, next, second, third, finally etc. We will also be helping children use the correct past tense for example saying ‘written’ instead of ‘writed’ or ‘fell’ instead of ‘falled’. 

All targets can be found on our websitewww.collegeroadschool.co.uk.


Term 2- Festivals and celebrations 

Our topic for term 2 is all about different celebrations from different cultures. Each week we will be exploring the different celebrations including; All saints day, Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night, Diwali, Remembrance, Sangha, Thanks Giving, Ashura, Advent, Birthdays, Christmas and Hanukkah.

As the nights are drawing in we will also be having a road safety week where we will looking at important safety ideas such as ‘Be Safe Be Seen’.

At the end of the term we will be having a big focus on Christmas. Parents will be invited to watch the nativity and attend a Christmas fair where we will be selling items hand made by the children. Money raised will go to each class to spend on resources.


We will begin to start grouping children and recognise that the children are working at very different paces. We will be grouping your child so he/she is working with other children operating at the same or similar level to them.   These groups may therefore change as the year moves on as children learn and develop at different paces. 


Reading with your child

Every morning a group of children, will be reading with Mrs Hendrick from 8.35am to 9.00am.  Please ensure that your child arrives promptly on the morning that it is their turn to read.

During the first term we were focusing on phonic recognition, this term we will be concentrating on blending these sounds together to form words. Once your child is beginning to blend sounds and form words we will be inviting parents to attend guiding reading session with Mrs Hendrick. This is a great learning experience for both children and parents and will give you ideas on how you can support your child when reading at home. We will provide information about your child’s reading in their reading diary.  It is really important that when you listen to your child read, you sign the diary so we can see how many times children are reading at home; three times a week is the recommended minimum. Once your child is confident with their ‘reading book’ please ensure that you place books in the wooden tray by the door. We will do our best to change books on the same day that we receive them.

We will continue to change library books weekly, on a Friday.  Please read and share these books with your child as much as possible.  Visiting a library is also a good experience for children. We will be having a visitor from the local library who will be giving them a book as a gift. 

Writing with your child 

We will be encouraging the children to write their name independently, starting with their first name. Please continue to help them with this at home.  If they can already write their first name please encourage them to learn surnames and/or hyphenated names i.e. Mary-Rose Smith. 

Now your child knows some of the graphemes (letters) and phonemes (sounds), they will begin their own emergent writing - this may include using some of the correct letters usually in the initial position, but may just be a mix of marks and real letters.  Please encourage them to “play” write at home.  

It is also good for them to see you writing for a purpose e.g. making a shopping list; perhaps children could write their own shopping list at home.  In school we will be doing lots of activities to promote writing in the form of labels, captions and lists.   


Many children are counting and recognising numbers to 10 and many are learning ‘teen’ numbers. It would be great if you could support this at home as much as possible, e.g. pointing out numbers on doors, number plates etc. We will also be focusing on 1 more and 1 less, please help your child to be able to tell you a number that is one more or one less than another number. Use their counting knowledge to help with this; which number comes before/after.

We will also be looking at 2D shapes and their properties using language such as sides/edges, corners, round, curved, straight. 

In addition to this we will be comparing objects for weight using the language heavy, heavier, heaviest, light, lighter, lightest and equal/balanced.


On Wednesday 14th December we will be having the Key Stage 1 Christmas production, there will be a morning and afternoon performance. Then after school will be the Christmas Fair. More information will follow nearer the time. Check out the school website for details.

Additional Notices

As the weather is getting colder and wetter please ensure children are dressed appropriately with jumpers and coats, both of which have names written inside them.  It is very hard for us to trace items that are lost and do not have names.

Punctuality in the morning

During term 2 we would like to see the children becoming more independent when entering the classroom in the mornings. Please support your child by allowing them to hang up their own coat, placing their own book bag into their tray and ordering their own lunch. This will also help the congestion by the entrance in the mornings when ordering lunch by saying goodbye to your child outside and allowing them to walk up the steps independently. We will be on hand to help them order lunches once they have sorted out their coats and bags. 

We will also be providing specific morning activities for each group as soon as the children enter the classroom at 8.35am. These activities will consolidate and extend your child’s learning in phonics, writing, and maths as well as fine motor control. If your child is late they will be missing out on valuable learning time.


We will once again be setting homework at the beginning of the term and giving the children the choice of which home work they would like to do each week. Homework will always be collected on a Friday and children will be given the opportunity to share their work with the rest of the class. Please help your child by practicing the sentences that they would like to say to the rest of the class about their homework.


Our P.E day is Wednesday. Please use this as a morning where you support your child dressing independently. We don’t mind if t-shirts, jumpers or jogging bottoms are on back to front! The important part is that they are trying to be independent in dressing themselves.

Thank you for your continued support

Term 1

This term our topic will be… 

‘All about me, growing and changing!’


Family photos!

We would like the children to bring in their family photos and photos of them from when they were babies. This will act as a starting point for children to begin to talk about their families and how they have grown and changed. We will photo copy them and return the originals).


Listening walk

As we explore we will be discussing the five senses touch, sight, taste, smell and hearing.  In school we will be participating in activities such as food tasting and going on a listening walk.  We will be exploring the local area around the school to stop and discover what noises they can hear and what could be making them.


Author of the term

Our Author this term will be Pat Hutchins. She is most famous for her character ‘Titch’ as well as ‘Rosie’s Walk’. If you have any of her books, please feel free to bring them in so we can share them with the rest of the class.


Harvest assembly

We will be learning the story of the Enormous Turnip written by Pie Corbett ready to share with you at the harvest assembly on the 20th October.

Download Foundation Term 6 layered targets.pdf

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