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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Term 6

A Million Dreams

Term 6 for Year 4 will be all about imagination and invention while learning all about film.

In writing, we will start by focusing on a wonderful picture book and short film called 'The Lost Thing'. The film features some very unusual creations! As well as creating their own books based on the story, the children will also be writing their own versions and developing play scripts to use in their own film creations.

In art and history, we will learn all about how animated films are made. The children will design and make their own characters and backdrops so that they can turn their own play scripts into an animated film. This will involve lots of experimenting in ICT using digital cameras and different software.

Our science focus for this term is electricity. We will learn how circuits work and build our own, using our growing understanding to solve problems linked to our topic.

In maths, we will be covering lots of shape, space and measure topics and using our learning to solve real life problems. We will also be revising topics like decimals and fractions.

This term, we are also looking forward to sports week, during which the children will have lots of opportunities to take part in different activities.

As always, if you have any questions please come and see me.

Mrs Jewell

Term 5

Inside and Out

This term, Year 4 will be learning all about keeping ourselves happy and healthy on the inside and outside.

We will be starting the term by learning about healthy foods as we prepare for our Peapod in Week 2. The children will be using their ICT skills to develop their own recipes and collaborating to prepare them. There will also be plenty of opportunities for some real life maths as they solve problems involving money and work out the cost of their Peapod ingredients and potential profit. Alongside our Peapod preparation, we will be learning about our digestive systems and teeth. We will be investigating the amount of sugar in our drinks and using our writing to develop our scientific understanding.

As we continue through the term, we will also be exploring what different people believe in RE; and completing writing and art work inspired by things that make us happy. The children will move on to think about how to keep healthy through exercise as they attend swimming lessons for the final three weeks of term. During this time, they will also plan their own scientific investigations to explore how exercise impacts our bodies.

In maths, after completing our Peapod work, we will be learning to interpret and draw bar charts and time graphs (which we will use to help us in science); work out area and perimeter; as well as revising our learning about different written methods.

We will be taking a break from our topic during SATs week, when we will be learning all about the Ancient Greeks.

I would love to see Year 4 taking the lead in our school reading challenge this term. Lots of children in Year 4 are already earning certificates every week by reading at least 5 times at home! Please remember to read with your child at least 3 times a week.

As usual, we will be continuing our Ukulele and Mandarin lessons this term. PE will be on Wednesdays.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to come and see me.

Mrs Jewell


Term 4 

The Last Monster In Scotland

Drumnadrochit is the place to be for Year 4 this term! Throughout the term, we will be rehearsing our play, 'The Last Monster In Scotland', which tells the story of a journalist investigating whether the Loch Ness monster is real. The rest of our learning will be linked to the play as we take on the roles of different characters – from journalists to scientists - to discover more about the Loch Ness Monster and mythical creatures.


We will start the term in the role of tourists, exploring Scotland and especially Loch Ness. This will help us to write our own poems about Loch Ness. Then, when we take on the role of Guardians of Loch Ness, we will write to explain why Nessie is the only monster left, taking our inspiration from a text explaining why dragons are extinct. Finally, we will take on the role of reporters, and write our own play scripts for our interviews with eye witnesses.


This term we will be learning about division, fractions and time. We will also be using our maths skills to solve real life problems and problems linked to our topic.

Project Learning

Imagining that we are the tourists, guardians, reporters and scientists from our play, we will be doing lots of exciting learning including:

  • Developing animations in ICT to explain what happened to the other monsters.
  • Creating art to show how we imagine Nessie would look
  • Planning and investigating our own science investigations
  • Lots of music and singing as we rehearse our play

We will also be continuing Ukulele on Tuesdays, PE on Wednesdays and Mandarin on Thursdays.

Important Dates

Friday 2nd March – TR2 trip

Last week of term – Year 3 / 4 play

Term 3

Year 4: Spies in the Wild

Happy New Year!

Year 4 will be starting 2018 as “Spies in the Wild”. The children will be investigating our wonderful natural world as they learn all about animals and their habitats.

Writing this term will be focused on fiction inspired by creatures great and small. We will start by watching a short film called ‘Catch It’ and retelling the story about a determined group of meerkats before making up animal stories of our own. We will finish the term reading and writing animal poems.

In maths, we will be building on the learning of Terms 1 and 2, continuing to develop understanding of place value, written methods and fractions. On top of this, we will be applying maths skills to solve problems linked to our topic and prepare for our Peapod in Week 4.

In science and geography, we will be learning about grouping living things, food chains, and investigating habitats in our local and wider world. This will be linked to Art, where we will be creating landscapes of different habitats. All of this learning will also inspire an animal sewing project.

This term, we will continue to have PE on Wednesday afternoons, so remember to wear PE kits. We are also excited to continue with Mandarin on Thursdays and Ukulele lessons on Tuesdays.

I would love to see Year 4 do well in the whole school reading competition this term. In order to help them, please remember to listen to your child read at least 3 times a week, and sign their home-school book each time.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to come and talk to me.

Mrs Jewell

Term 2 

Out of the Ashes

The second topic chosen by Year 4 is all about World War 2 and the history of our school and local area. We will be investigating lots of different sources to help us step back in time and imagine what it would be like to live in Keyham during the war, and especially what life would have been like for children.

Using photographs, real life stories, video footage and walks around the local area, the children will developing their understanding and asking questions like real historians. We would be fascinated to hear any family stories about Plymouth during the war!

All of our writing this term will be linked to this topic, and will help the children to explore aspects of life in the war like evacuation, rationing and the blackout. In science, the children will be investigating sound, which will be linked to their learning about the Blitz.

We will also be getting creative as we produce music and art work linked to our topic.

Maths this term will mainly focus on place value and fractions, with plenty of links to real life problem solving. We will also be revisiting our learning from last term as we apply multiplication, addition and subtraction skills in preparation for the Christmas Fair.

Look out for your invitation to join us towards the end of term as we learn how Christmas was celebrated during World War Two.

Please come and see me at any time if you have any questions.

Mrs Jewell

Term 1

‘Out Of This World’

Three… Two… One… Blast off! This term, Year 4’s learning will take them on a journey through space. We will be starting this journey with lots of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) challenges, designed to help the children put their learning muscles into practice as they collaborate and reason to solve some exciting space problems. We will then explore our Solar System and find the answers to some big questions about the Sun and Moon before returning to Earth to solve some of the mysteries of our own planet.

In English, the children will have the opportunity to showcase their new scientific knowledge through writing their own information texts. As well as this, they will be using their imagination learning muscle to produce writing inspired by a short film called ‘Reverso’, which follows the adventures of a man unaffected by gravity. ICT will be used throughout the term as Year 4 develop their research skills to support their writing, and use digital mapping to explore planet Earth more closely. Our RE focus this term is all about inspirational people, so we will also discover more about some incredible figures famous for their contributions to space travel. The children will also be developing their Art skills, creating space scenes using different media in the style of some famous artists.

In Maths, the children will be developing their understanding and application of written methods, which will be put to the test when we take over the Peapod in the last week of term. They will also be using their knowledge of shape to solve space-themed problems. Throughout the whole term, we will also be practising times tables as much as possible, since learning these will be so helpful in so many other areas of Maths. Any practice at home will be extremely helpful.

Our busy term will also include weekly ukulele, Mandarin and PE lessons (PE will be on Wednesday afternoons).

If you have any questions, please come and see me.

Mrs Jewell

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