Sports Week Information -  Download Sports week letter final 2018.pdf

Sports Day -  Download Sports Day 2018.pdf

KS1 Wembury Beach letter -  Download wembury beach July 18.pdf

Art Exhibition -  Download Art Exhibition.pdf

Junior Life Skills Y6 -  Download junior life skills 2018.pdf

Playhouse tickets Y6 -  Download ticket letter.pdf

Newquay car Race Y6 -  Download Car racing 2018.pdf

GDPR Privicy Notice -  Download GDPR Privacy notice letter to parents.pdf

Values-based Education -  Download Initial Letter to parents.pdf

Public Health Litter Letter -  Download Public Health Litter Alert.pdf

Public Health Norovirus Letter -  Download Norovirus letter.pdf

Schools funding letter - Download School funding letter - guide for parents May 17.pdf

Tapestry Letter YR - Download Tapestry 2018.pdf 

CATERed price increase (dinners) -  Download 0066 - Meal Price Letter for Schools - BP 0080317.pdf

Letter regarding 18 rated games and films Download 18 rated games and films.pdf

KS2 - E-safety letter - Download E-safety letter Nov 16.pdf

Keyboard lessons  Download Keyboard lessons.pdf

Headlice Letter - Download Headlice letter.pdf

Download Attendance policy update.pdf


Download Attendance leaflet Sept 15.pdf


Newsletter 8th June -  Download 8th June 2018.pdf

Newsletter 18th May -  Download 18th May 2018.pdf

Newsletter 4th May -  Download 4th May 2018.pdf

Newsletter 20th April -  Download Letter 20th April.pdf

Newsletter 23rd March -  Download 23rd March 2018.pdf

Newsletter 9th March -  Download 9th March 2018.pdf

Newsletter 23rd February -  Download 23rd February 2018.pdf

Newsletter 2nd February -  Download 2nd February 2018.pdf

Newsletter 19th January -  Download 19th January 2018.pdf

Welcome back letter -  Download letter 5 jan 18.pdf